There is no shortage of data showing the efficacy of sampling.
And since it’s one of the oldest forms of marketing and it’s still
around, it must work. Every study we seen shows
overwhelmingly positive results.

And then we take it to the next level through our narrow focus.

So here are some stats on consumers:

* 57% of people would likely go to a retailer
they normally don’t visit to receive a free sample

* 81% said they will try a product after they
receive they receive a free sample

* 61% said an actual product sample is the
most effective way for a bran to get them to try
a product

* 72% said they would prefer to receive multiple
samples in a single sample box

* 89% said that an accompanying coupon would
increase the value of the sample

Source: Deliver Magazine

And some stats on the DEs:

Do you currently share literature and samples with
your patients?

N = 381 Yes: 378 No: 3

If you were given a Care Kit, would you discuss the
contents with your patients?

N = 379 Yes: 373 No: 6

Source: Surveyed DEs at AADE Convention