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The Care Kit Program is a cooperative sampling program whereby companies who manufacture diabetes specific products supply samples of their products along with artwork of their product shot and a 50-word description of the product.

The products are then inserted into a Kit, with only one product per category. The Kit is a box 7.25″ x 9″ x 1.5″ printed in 4-colors.

You can also print your logo and product shot on the outside of the box (additional charges apply).

The Kits are then provided to Diabetes Educators who use these as teaching tools with their patients. They use your product to show their patients how to maintian their health regimen. The DEs are 100% opted-in and can receive any monthly volume they request.

To familiarize the DE and their patients with your products, we provide a Product Showcase with a product shot and 50-word description of the product. This is provided by you.

The patient can request more information about your product by either logging onto our website, logging onto your website, or returning a request card through the mail.

You can receive the names of these patients if you choose.