About The Care Kits Company

An old favorite is back! The Diabetes Care Kits.

When I did these programs years ago everybody loved them! DEs couldn’t get enough of them. Patients loved them. And the sponsors got tons of new customers. So I’m bringing them back! And I’m delighted to once again work with the most dedicated healthcare professionals I have ever met.

If you’re a DE and remember our Kits, Great! Happy to be able to give them to you again. If these Kits are new to you I’m sure you’ll love them.

If you have a product for people with diabetes, there isn’t a better, more efficient way to add new customers and increase awareness in the diabetic community. You’ll love it too.

Want more info? Call me directly (973-810-3287) or email me at s.puzia@diabetescarekits.com. Looking forward to working with you.

Scott Puzia